Maud Vanhauwaert is a writer and text-on-stage performer. In 2011 her first poetry album was published by Querido (Amsterdam), called Ik ben mogelijk (I am possible). It was awarded the Vrouw Debuut Prijs (Price for female d├ębuts). In 2014, Wij zijn evenwijdig (We are parallels) was published, a book you can read as a poetry album, as a meandering story, or as a compilation of sad jokes. It was awarded the Herman de Coninck Public Prize and by the Hughues C. Pernath Prize. Maud examines creative ways to bring poetry on stage. She performed in different countries, won the 'Frappant TXT' competition (2012) and became finalist in the World Championship of Poetry Slam (2012) and in the prestigious 'Leids Cabaret Festival' (2014). Maud obtained a Master degree in Literature and Linguistics at the university of Antwerp and also a master degree in the theatre academy of Antwerp, where she teaches. She is currently the city poet of Antwerp.