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Conversations #6: On Solidarity

Join us for the 6th edition of Conversations, a panel debate on the future of literature, authorship, translation and the literary industry taking place live in Madrid and livestreamed on Wednesday, April 17. This edition, we will focus on the topic of SOLIDARITY: how can literature empower solidarity between readers, translators, writers and publishers? How can we use stories to energise solidarity debates and support interdependent and community thinking?

1 JUN — 4 JUN 2023

La grande invasione | Ivrea, Italy

The 11th edition of the international readers festival La Grande Invasione, in Ivrea, Italy, will be a spectacular firework display! As the Italian author Domenico Starnone puts it: "Words are the most extraordinary special effects". From the 1st to the 4th of June, the festival will be a readers' feast: a diverse offer of panels and presentations on a super-wide range of topics, from happiness to survivalism, happiness, aging and the future of work culture.

24 MAY — 28 MAY 2023

Bookfest | Bucharest, Romania

In 2023, Bookfest will open its gates for the 16th edition in Bucharest, between 24th to 28th of May. The fair’s guest of honor this year is Italy. Since 2012, Bookfest Bucharest has been expanding and includes other cities in Romania such as Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, Iași, Târgu-Mureș, Brașov.

CELA authors and translators will showcase their work in Bucharest on May 25, during the CELA Performance and Translator’s Café. Also, the fair will host a series of CELA workshops dedicated to aspiring writers and emerging and experienced translators.

11 MAY — 14 MAY 2023

Svet Knihy | Prague, Czech Republic

The 28th edition of the international book fair and literary festival will be thematically exceptional. The “Authors Without Borders” concept reflects the current time when borders, whether physical, cultural, social, sexual, genre or political, are becoming increasingly blurred. Thus in 2023, the guest of honour is not a specific country but authors transgressing notional borders.

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Wintertuin Festival | Nijmegen, The Netherlands

The theme for Wintertuinfestival 2023 is inspired by the phenomenon of 'solastalgia': feeling homesick fowards a place which has been radically alterned towards the point that it is not recognised as home anymore. Wintertuinfestival shares perspectives on change: you've been here before.

The CELA participants take the stage on April 10th with a series of performances, transmedia installations and an editions of 'Translators Café'.

22 MAR — 24 MAR 2023

Passa Porta Festival | Brussels, Belgium

From 22 to 24 March, Passa Porta and the City of Brussels will host the ICORN Network Meeting. The two events were therefore conceived in line with each other and around a shared theme: that of REFUGE. A hundred writers, thinkers and artists taking over the centre of Brussels to bring literature in all its forms to life!

On March 25th we present CELA. New Voices from Europe with CELA writers and translators

22 NOV — 27 NOV 2022

Ljubljana Book Fair | Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Festival Eñe | Madrid, Spain

Festival Eñe is one of Madrid’s main literary events. Celebrated since 2009, each Autumn the city becomes a landmark for literary creators, welcoming them from all corners of the world for a grand festivity of Literature alongside their followers.

And this year the CELA Project will take part in the celebration thru some of their talented writers and translators.

24 OCT — 30 OCT 2022

Conrad Festival | Kraków, Poland

The theme COMMUNITY - prompts us to think about the relationship between the individual and the collective. Together with guests from different countries and cultural backgrounds, we will discuss the values but also the limitations of belonging to a given group.

On October 28th we present CELA. New Voices from Europe with CELA writers and translators.

6 OCT — 16 OCT 2022

FOLIO Festival | Óbidos, Portugal

During the eleven days long FOLIO Festival, visitors will find exhibitions, concerts, masterclasses, book presentations, conferences, seminars, performances, author sessions, cinema, and many other activities.

On October 13, 2022, Óbidos International Literature Festival (FOLIO) invites CELA talents to the stage!

17 JUN — 19 JUN 2022

XIV Festival Krokodil, Belgrade, Serbia

The XIV edition of the Festival KROKODIL took place in Belgrade from June 17 to 19 under the title The Year of Magical Thinking as well as in Novi Sad on June 23 and 24 under the title On the Margins.

CELA authors and translators presented themselves and their work to both professional and wider audiences during three dynamic events.

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Meet the next generation of European literary artists, Madrid, Spain / Online